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NIL Options

Athletes & Parents

This is a do-it-yourself option. You will learn information about the Name, Image, Likeness process and new deal opportunities.  

Colleges & Universities

NIL Yourself Academy will  set up a NIL platform for the athletes and institution as a whole. This is a key factor in the branding process.

Work With Me

Start Building Your Brand.

I am Terrell Suggs founder of NIL Yourself.  This academy is to help athletes and parents find NIL deals while also helping the athlete brand themselves.  Colleges and Universities will learn how to work with the athletes to increase the monetary value of both brands.  If you are not the  do-it-yourselfer, then let me be your athlete and business manager this is an exclusive one on one service, I do all the work for you. 

Development Options 

Personal  & Professional Development

NIL Yourself is here for your personal and professional development and growth. With  trained development coaches on staff to help athletes, parents. colleges or universities to deal with adverity related with sports, life, careers and goals. 

Learning Options 

Online Course

NIL Yourself digital resources teach and show you exactly what and how to find and apply for NIL Deals .  

Podcoast Access

NIL podcast is an all access monthly pre recorded show with special guest speakers. 

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