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I am, a businessman we more than 20 years of entrepreneurship.  In the first few years I gained pertinent knowledge that helped me overcome the challenges of new entrepreneurship.  I am proud of my success and I believe that if I would have had a consultant in the beginning, it would have saved me time, money, and frustration. I currently own exteriorin, llc and co-own Reece's Treatz, LLC.

When I decided to enter into the world of athlete management, Tylin was my first client and also my son , he is the reason that I have decided to enter into this industry.  My initial thought when we started this journey was to help him tap into the NIL market (Name, Image, and Likeness). All athletes are special in their own way and sometimes they need help and someone to bring their God giving purpose to the surface for others to see. It does not matter if you are D1, D2, D3, men or women, or what collegiate sport you my play you have a purpose, if you don’t you would not be at that college, at this moment during what you love to do. No the playing field is not fair but the same opportunities are their for you as well, but if you don’t know how to get their or what to do you are at an disadvantage.  That’s why I got involved with Tylin because he don’t get recruited as D1 player nor a top rated D2 recruit, but he had opportunities at some smaller D2 and D3 colleges. Those are the athletes that can get left behind, even if we have to do the work ourselves and yes it was difficult getting started. I entered a territory I knew nothing about and I’m still not an expert at it but who is. 

So Tylin is the reason I am trying to build my client base with all divisions, conferences, athletes, sports, genders and ethnicities. You have a spot at the  table. Let’s find your spot and start putting your vision in place with your Brand, your NIL. 

I received a Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education from the University of North Alabama.


Board of Directors

  • Union Chapel Christian Academy Fountain, Huntsville, AL

  • Better Business Bureau, Huntsville, AL (Past)

Advisory Councils

  • Athens City Schools, Athens, AL (Past)

  • Better Business Bureau, Decatur, AL (Past)


  • Perseverance Award – Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce

  • Torch Award Nominee – Better Business Bureau of North Alabama


  • Atlanta Braves

  • Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Cincinnati Reds

I service Madison, AL, Huntsville, AL, Birmingham, AL, United States 
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